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When you are facing a time of bereavement after the recent passing of someone near and dear to you, it seems impossible to have to make decisions of a logistical nature regarding how to manage the event. Once you have taken the time you need to grieve the recent passing and have had time to attend to any religious rites or ethnic and cultural customs, or organ donation, it will be time to begin arrangements for the ceremony.

The first thing that will have to be attended to is the moving of your loved one’s body, from the hospital to a mortuary which is why Lodge Brothers funeral homes are placed as near to hospitals as possible so that you can catch a cab, bus or even walk through to your local branch. By this stage of the process, you will be emotionally bereaved and exhausted so you can now hand over to our trained and caring professionals who will attend to the many details and begin the documentation which must be attended to while you sit and re-group with a much needed cup of tea or coffee.

The death certificate which needs to be issued from a licensed medical practitioner after death has been pronounced can be obtained by the funeral director who will then help you to plan the wake or funeral and other funeral-related details.

Our Lodge Brothers branches are extended densely across the UK and the offices, many of which are contactable on a 24/7 basis can also be reached by numerous instant and simple booking methods, making Lodge Brothers the most accessible funeral director in the UK.

A lot of the time, a person may already be in hospital due to accident, illness or old age and so having Lodge Brother funeral homes are so conveniently located near to hospitals around the country, is of great benefit. Lodge Brothers are ready and waiting near to your location, in order to make it easier to find someone to be of assistance, even if you are not in your local area when you need someone to assist you with patient affairs Ascot, day or night. Use the branch locator on our website to find your closest branch which is guaranteed to be no further than 10 minutes away from any hospital in the country.

Should your selected Lodge Brother branch not have a Patient Affairs Ashford branch on-site, any travel expenses that you incur when traveling from one of our branches to one of our Patient Affairs Chelsea branches across London and South East, will be refunded to you.

Lodge Brother Patient Affairs Chertsey are highly trained specialists and any one of the dedicated team can be reached by phone or email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using 020 7286 8718 or by visiting one of the branches. If you would like a tour of any of the funeral homes, this can be arranged. Alternatively, if you are interested in knowing a little more about the services which Lodge Brothers offers we can send a ‘Guide to Arranging A Funeral’ to your home, or you can view and download a PDF.

Contact Patient Affairs Ealing today for all funeral care around Easling and other Lodge Brothers branches

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